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Hand and elbow

Spine and pelvis


      • Prosthetic Surgery. Hemiarthroplasty, TOTAL SHOULDER ARTHROPLASTY, REVERSE ARTHROPLATY, Resurfacing.
      • Revisions and rescues.
      • Trauma Surgery.
      • Complex surgery and revision of failed surgeries.
mano y codo

    • Arthritic hand surgery.
    • Rheumatoid hand surgery.
    • Sequelae after emergent hand surgery.
    • Surgery paralysis.
    • Arthroscopic wrist and elbow surgery.
    • Prosthetic elbow surgery and trauma.
columna pelvis

    • Treatment of lower back pain.
    • Disc surgery.
    • Stenosis surgery.
    • Instrumentation of spine and pelvis
    • Orthopedic fracture surgery.
    • Vertebral biopsies.



Foot and ankle

    • Arthroscopic surgery: meniscus, ligaments, cartilage surgery.
    • Prosthetic surgery: total,Unicondylar, Primary rescue and revisions.
    • Trauma Surgery.
      • Diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopic surgery.
      • Prosthetic surgery: partial primary implants, TOTAL HIP ARTHROPLASTY, resurfacing, rescue and revision.
      • Trauma surgery
      • Full orthopedic surgery forefoot and midfoot.
      • Ankle arthroscopy.
      • Percutaneous surgery (MIS).
      • Prosthetic ankle surgery.
      • Trauma surgery.
traumatology services


Own team

Plastic Surgeons and Neurosurgeons

Anesthetists, Physiotherapists, Orthopedists


Qualified in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Murcia with outstanding rating (1981-1987).

He trained as a specialist in Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Alicante General Hospital (1988-1992 by Prof. Dr. Jesus De Anta with whom he acquired extensive knowledge in hip surgery as well as with Doctor S. Campos (knee) and Doctor Garcia Abad (hand and microsurgery). In this training period he performed surgical rotations at the University Hospital La Fe de Valencia, in spine surgery with Dr. Bas Conesa and skeletal tumors with Dr. Espinosa.
He has made hospital stays in national and international centers for training in specific technical specialty, one of the most endearing with Prof. Dr. P. Guillen in Madrid.
Achieved the degree of Doctor rated “outstanding student with cum laude” after reading his doctoral thesis in experimental sciences led by Prof. Meseguer Olmo and Dr. J. Muñoz, with the title of “fibroblast differentiation under the influence bone morphogenetic protein”.
He won a place at the Area Medical Specialist Hospital Villajoyosa – Benidorm following a State exam in 1993, and subsequently at the Morales Meseguer Hospital MURCIA in 2005.

He has studied a Masters in Quality Management of Health Services and Health Systems, and Body Damage Assessment and Medical Insurance.
He specializes in Homeopathy at the University of Murcia.
He has been connected with university education in undergraduate studies from the start of his training, first as an honorary associate of the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine Miguel Hernandez, and following his return to Murcia as an associate professor of Anatomy and Embryology and associate professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma. He is currently professor of human musculoskeletal system at the Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia (UCAM).
Regarding post-graduate teaching, he has participated regularly and actively in the training of resident doctors in all hospitals where he has worked both at the General University Hospital of Alicante, the Hospital of Villajoyosa and in the General Universitario Meseguer Hospital Morales. He is a Masters PROFESSOR: Applied Surgical Anatomy.
He belongs to the surgery research group in Morales Meseguer Hospital and works in cell cultures with Prof. Dr. Manuel Vazquez at the University of Barcelona, where he has made academic stays and who has published works on his research.

He is the author and/or coauthor of more than two hundred conference papers, one third of which are international conferences. Some of which have won national awards.

With Dr. De Anta he published the book entitled Prosthetic Hip Revision Principles and Technique, authoring several chapters. He has written several chapters of other books, mainly in hip surgery, but also on hand and foot.
He has written several articles in national and international magazines throughout his career.
He has made more than 50 presentations in congresses, conferences, meetings and refresher courses in the specialty of trauma and orthopedic surgery.

His main asset is TO BE TRAINED AS AN ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON AND ALWAYS BE UP TO DATE REGARDING the latest SURGICAL techniques, with extensive experience in all fields of Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma accredited in the specialty and in teaching, and maintaining active contact with experimentation and basic science research.

Seriousness, honesty, TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE ARE THE best adjectives to describe Emilio IDENTIFY AND his CLINICAL RESULTS OBTAINED, all of which are faithfully contrasted and GUARANTEED.

He is a member of:

              • Spanish Society for Hand Surgery (SECMA)
              • Spanish Society for Hip Surgery (SECCA)
              • Murcia Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology (SOMUCOT)
              • Spanish Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology (SECOT)
              • Spanish Society of Sports Traumatology (SETRADE)
              • European Society of musculoskeletal infections
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medico especialist traumatologia

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